Let the socialists choke on their lawn envy

No, we’re not buying the NYTimes’ pitch that lawns are somehow inherently “raaaacccciiiiiisssss”.

It’s clear the city dwellers at the NYTimes are wracked with envy, but after all, envy is what Communism is built on.  Envy is what leftists live and breath.  It’s all about destroying what someone else has, and it’s all about controlling YOUR water consumption, even if you don’t live in the desert.

There are however, two movements going on with regard to lawns. The first one is people who virtue signal by making their lawns a more native woodsy style in the name of ‘biodiversity’ for the birds & squirrels. Xeriscaping with native desert plants instead of lawns has been the rule rather than the exception in Tucson for decades, primarily to conserve water. Tucsonans are actually offended when they drive to Chandler (suburb of Phoenix 2 hrs away) and see ostentatious displays of lawns, artificial lakes, and fountains everywhere.

The other movement is to convert one’s lawn to food gardening, as much as you can afford and can get away with, and can keep people from stealing. This movement is subdivided into people who are preppers, and people who just want control of their own organic and diverse food, away from the giant mono-cropping agri-corporations. , According to The History Guy channel, vegetable growing actually predates lawns anyway.


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