No, Dick Morris, Obama WON’T Pull Out of Running – Here’s Why

Dick Morris is giving us the soft sell idea, that Barack Obama might decide to withdraw from running for re-election in 2012,  because the handwriting is on the wall that he is likely to lose, and that the DNC would be better off running Hilary Clinton.   (If you do pay attention, Hilary-pumping articles are popping up everywhere.)

But Mr. Morris, Please, you are forgetting, or ignoring, the fact that Obama took this job for one reason and one reason only – to further the Alinsky agenda. These people are completely tone deaf to the will of the people. That’s what Communists do. He has no intention of leaving office, and will continue to ram through as much of the Alinsky agenda as possible, if merely by sheer fiat of executive orders. Did you not notice the scorched earth destructive legislative agenda he and Pelosi and Reid rammed through during the last congressional lame duck session? Did you not notice his executive order for TSA to commence their security theater gate rapes was a mere 3 days before his expected shellacking in the 2010 elections? It was nothing but pure revenge on the American people, whom the Obamas hold in such utter contempt.

Whether or not he is re-elected, whether or not he even runs again, if he stays true to his past behavior, he has no intention whatsoever of leaving while there is still damage to be done. He will begin a new scorched earth lame duck session, only this time ratcheted up, and will hit us with a flame thrower of egregious executive orders and manufactured crises for him to exploit, until finally, in the last few days before the inauguration of his successor, he will declare martial law in an attempt to halt the inauguration.

You think I’m kidding? He already has U.N. and Russian troops on our soil to back him up, just waiting for their orders.

Unless Congress or the Court acts before then to remove him, using any one of his dozens of scandals to do so, we will be faced with conducting the inauguration of Jan 2013 in an underground bunker, and dragging this guy out of the White House in a straight jacket.

He’s got to go! To Gitmo!!

Mr. Morris, thank you for trying to soften the blow of the coming storm for us. We already smell that the DNC intends to run Hillary. Of course it would be better for Obama and the country if he were to go peacefully, but it’s not in his nature. He was not groomed, er, um, raised, that way. He has a narcissistic personality disorder. You said it yourself: He does not compensate for reality. He doubles down.

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