No Hollywood, True Peace is NOT “Peace through Submission” to predators.

So my friend and I have had to turn off Amazon Prime’s  stinkin’ “The Man from High Castle” midway through the first “season”, because it makes the same fundamental mistake as  Steven Spielberg did in so many of his nasty movies/series.

It completely misses the mark on human nature, and in particular the American human spirit.

The more you watch it, the more depressed you get – and that’s its purpose.  You’re supposed to just submit to it, folks.   The premise is that America (and I presume its allies) lost WW II in both the European and Pacific theaters, so that the Nazis own everything east of the Rockies, and the Japanese own everything west of the Rockies.  The Americans have also completely ceded the Rockies themselves to lawlessness, so that any predator who wants to come to a town and start singlehandedly lynching people is simply allowed to do so without getting lynched himself.  Nobody there fights back.

“Peace through submission”

Why?  Because all the Americans have become 100% submissive.

That’s the red flag.   Stockholm syndrome is for Stockholm.  Not for Americans.  We see it going on to this day in Europe, and its simultaneous submission to both the E.U. communist jackboot and the Islamic predator caliphate.  Well, a syndrome is a malady, not normalcy.   It cannot be ‘normalized’.    So thank God we are finally seeing things like Brexit and the rise of Trump-like figures all across Europe.

But High Castle was made in ancient times, pre-2015, released in 2015, before people’s sense of self-preservation started kicking in.   “Peace through submission” is after all, “Peace for Predators Only”.

So back to the story – I was not able to suspend my disbelief and just watch the story.  Being set in 1962, a mere 17 years after the end of the war, we are supposed to believe nobody has any memory of ever being free of the government boot.  The middle aged & elderly sit and watch propaganda TV cartoons & game shows all day,  like they had never breathed free air, and any time somebody suggests doing something different they just say to each other, “Well, we lost the war”, and smear each others’ noses in it.  There is a small underground passing around a MacGuffin,  a set of “perhaps it could be different” one reeler films, mixed in among the old Popeye film canisters (as if the real Popeye wasn’t full of pro-American wartime adventures), and the whole series revolves around hunting down and shooting down these people with the films.  And everyone, even their parents, just accept the jackboot, “Well, they shouldn’t have gotten involved with ‘those people’.”

Well, let’s get it straight.  Propaganda like “The Man in the High Castle”, selling its “Peace through submission” to the NWO by submersing us in it for many episodes, was produced and released in 2015, before the Trump “hit ’em all back” counter-punch campaign and election.  We were supposed to be watching in preparation to accept the jackboot of either a brutal Islamic caliphate or a New World Communist Order modeled on vicious China, whoever ultimately was to pay Hillary the most.

Only it didn’t work out that way, did it.

“Peace through Strength”

The world is learning that “Peace through Strength”, means “We will use enough strength to force overseas predator-tyrants to leave us the hell alone!”, and is most definitely NOT “Peace through submission”.  Peace through submission is peace for predators only.   Until, of course, they start preying on each other.   As it is already, both the communists and the caliphate monsters kill more of their own loyal subjected subjects than they kill anybody else.   So we want to become their subjects, too???

Not bloody likely.

So we learn the truth.  There is no such thing as “Peace through submission”, and Hollywood and all its communist and caliphate friends can (and will) go to H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks.   I don’t care how the High Castle story ends, but I can guess.  After 19 episodes of predators and submissives, trading places with each other, ya know, all that “it’s all relative and everybody’s really a good guy” crap, they all just shake hands, call it over, and continue with their round robin Peace through Submission & Predator  “hunger games”.  Well f*** that.

Yes, Virginia, it’s not all relative, there really IS a good vs evil, and you are in this life to choose which side you are on.

“Peace through Submission” = “Peace for Predators Only”.

Hollywood, you can shove your “Peace through Submission” crap.   We have wised up.





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