NYTimes asks why people are resisting vaccines

So the NYTimes wants to know our views on measles & vaccination:

Has the Measles Outbreak Changed Your Views on Vaccination? Describe Your Experience

So I gave them an earful:

How did you decide for or against vaccinations?

I decided against vaccination when the pneumonia vaccine gave my mother instant pneumonia, and nearly killed her. I decided against vaccination when my brother-in-law’s flu vaccine gave my sister the flu. I decided against vaccination when it was obvious the current administration wanted an H1N1 crisis so badly it started spiking all flu vaccines with H1N1 and flying flu shot banners from every corner drug store, grocery store, and yes, hardware store. Such government aggressiveness seriously spooked me. I decided against vaccination when medical staff got so aggressive and tried to force the brand new unproven HPV vaccine on my young virgin daughter. I regretted the chicken pox vaccine for my children when I found out it really does contain aborted human fetal tissue. What are we supposed to be, cannibals? I now regret any vaccines for my son who suffers from life long eczema, as vaccines are now statistically implicated in all auto-immune diseases. (Just ask the Amish who don’t do vaccines or have auto-immune diseases.) I decided against vaccines and have now begun telling family and friends to consider how dangerous vaccines really are, when I fell into an online community of vaccine resistors sharing their experiences with vaccine-injury, babies killed by vaccine-induced SIDS, and HPV-vaccine-crippled and killed girls. It’s a horror that the HPV-vaccine has changed the meaning of “STDs” to “Sudden Teenage Death Syndrome”. It’s plain the vaccine industry is just fine with all this collateral damage, and monstrously escalating the “vaccine schedule”, but we parents are just so done with the Russian Roulette on our children. Now comes the bioweapon-vaccine story from Kenya http://goo.gl/tJmL79 and the vaccine industry wants to sell an ebola crisis & injection here? No, the public trust is permanently lost.

Have your feelings changed in the wake of the recent measles outbreak?

No, in fact I suspected it was the MMR vaccine itself causing the outbreaks, and I have been proven right — http://goo.gl/YjsVbT

Have you had an outbreak of measles or a similar disease in your community or family? Describe your experience.

Not since we stopped vaccinating. We use other more effective measures for supporting our immune systems and preventing disease. Vaccines are obsolete for those who educate themselves, especially on nutrition.









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