NYTimes Fake Opinion Marketing

WOW! What a big fat verbose phoney baloney piece of deceptive Fake Opinion marketing in the NYTimes!

I Was Once a Socialist. Then I Saw How It Worked.

Although he threw the words Socialism and Capitalism around a lot, they were both ripped from the moors of their meanings, while he sold us on perpetuating the Fed, predatory Banksterism, and biggest of all — PRO-CARBON-TAX, the biggest fraudulent world takeover of the world economy by corrupt socialist human-degrading Nanmy-state tyrants there has ever BEEN. IF you read the NYTimes, folks, always ALWAYS read to the bottom. There are never converts at the NYTimes. He says he gradually became a “Whig”, without saying what he was before. We can safely assume he used to be a Democrat, but knows it’s too filthy a word to admit to his intended audience. But he can’t bring himself to say “Republucan”, either, because he doesn’t want you to remain one. So he says he became a “Whig”, which history reveals the Republican party replaced, ending the Whig party, BECAUSE THE WHIGS WERE PRO-SLAVERY!

Well what do you know. Socialist economies are slave economies. This guy didn’t convert at all. He’s just trying to sell you on socialism by deception.

And now you know the rest of the story.


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