Silly Papacy Occupier Francis, Heaven can’t exist without Hell, because they are the same place.

Pope Declares There is no Hell

This papacy occupier is such an immature thinker, because this is so easy to reconcile.  Heaven and Hell are actually the same place — that place where no lies are possible, only truth. Those who love Truth will be happy for forever. Those who hate Truth and love lies will be in torment forever, because they can no longer impose their evil false worldviews on anyone.

Alternatively, Heaven and Hell are the same place, because the flame of God’s love is eternal. Those who love its light and warmth will be happy forever. Those who hate it will be in torment forever.

God doesn’t change.  Only human perception of Him does.  This is why Jesus said those who don’t follow him are “already condemned“.   You can tell they are already in Hell, because they are already so angry and unhappy, because they cannot completely extinguish Truth and Love even in this world.

(Hence, you see phenomena like the professional permanent outrage industry and its attempts to end the 1st Amendment, censor free speech, and end your right to conscientious objection — lest you publicly speak the Truth. There is nothing more unbearable to them. They are “already condemned” and suffering.)

So Heaven and Hell are the same thing.  It’s just a matter of what people choose to love or hate.

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