Stand in Front of the Truckers, Zuckerberg!

Zuckerberg in front of Truckers

Hahaha, so according to the, Mark Zuckerberg is going to compete with Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci for wresting control of your health, life, and death away from you, is he?

Stand in front of the truckers, Zuckerberg.

screenshot from DailyStar.ukAll he has to do to reach his goal of eliminating disease from the world is take the censorship off his social media platforms, and let people discuss the cures and preventatives that are already known and published in the medical journals.

(What he really needs to focus on is staying out of jail, as the special counsel just found him in violation of Wisconsin election bribery laws.)

If he really wanted to promote what has been said to cure all things but death, (and there is already a lot of publication to support it), there’s this:

Black Seed Oil




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