Thank GOD the Age of Antibiotics is Over!

CRE-MRSA - courtesy Washington Post

CRE-MRSA – courtesy Washington Post

From the Washington Post:
The superbug that doctors have been dreading just reached the U.S.
Thank GOD. Now we can say goodbye to so many horribly DANGEROUS antibiotics. Now Main Stream Medicine will have to turn to the safe alternative methods many in the alternatives movement have been using for years. Things like silver (which they’ve already been slipping into some of the failing antibiotoics to make them work), micro-current Clark zappers and Rife frequency emitters, both of which kill pathogens without chemicals and without harming the human tissue around them. Oh, and targeted NUTRITION, which boosts your immune system to kick bacterial & viral sh-t yourself.

Yes, friends, this stuff obsoletes both antibiotics AND vaccines. Search engines are your frieeeeeends. A new day is here. The grass grows up under the forest fire.



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