Nationalism Movements in America vs Across the Pond

For Pete’s Sake, Mr. Allen, You say you don’t like criticizing other shows, and then you do it! You criticize InfoWars, and then agree with it! It seems your only real criticism is style!

Don’t you think Americans KNOW the real agenda is the suspension of Posse Comitatus and having U.N. storm troopers goose stepping in our streets, controlling our freedom of movement, the way they did and do in Paris and Brussels?? Of course we do, as do Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones.

But the only reason Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/(Clinton?) haven’t done it already is precisely because Americans are ARMED against this exact scenario! We won’t put up with it! It is for this EXACT REASON that we have the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution, to restrain our own government from the eventuality of exactly this.

We Americans know suspending Posse Comitatus (and the 2nd Amendment backing it) is the real goal and the real reason Obama knee jerks and rails for “gun control” with every terrorist attack. We know why, after Boston, all terrorist attacks are committed with guns and not with bombs. Simply because the CIA has arranged it. You don’t see any movement to outlaw pressure cookers, do you? No, because the real target is the guns of law abiding citizens. And the only thing standing between us and Obama’s NWO martial law, storm troopers, and subduing and domesticating the American population, is precisely our guns.

So no matter how many of these crises the CIA gins up, no matter how large these attacks get (we know Obama has invited terrorists carrying dirty bomb material in through our southern border), we will not give up our right to bear arms. We will not submit to the globalist NWO tyrannical agenda, which can only succeed if they disarm us.

You cannot scare Americans into submitting via these fabricated crises. You can only enrage us.

Please, before you pass judgement on American-style nationalism, please understand its roots. It is not the same as the nationalist movements across the pond in Britain & Europe, which is why we enjoy watching the perspective from your show so much. These movements have different histories, different underlying assumptions, different cultures, all with the same goal — overthrowing unelected self-appointed tyrannical elitists. For you it’s the EU. For us, it is the alphabet soup of unelected “bureaus” hanging like cancerous tumors all over the American federal government, whose intention is in time, to concentrate power further and merge with the NWO.

Just sit back and watch our civil war to thwart the globalists, using ballots, not bullets, to put Donald Trump in the White House, the first cheerleader we’ve had for nationalism since Reagan, and who has sworn to uphold the American constitution and prosecute treasonous globalists like Hillary Clinton.

Likewise, we are very hopeful for the success of Brexit and the subsequent domino collapse of the Naziesque EU.


in Arizona


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