The Most Excellent Laurence Fox stars in “My Son Hunter”

How many Americans know who Laurence Fox is? He starred for years as the sidekick with more personality than the lead, in the British crime drama “Inspector Lewis“.  He also starred in my mother’s favorite movie, “Gosford Park“.  I can’t tell how many times we watched that 💜.  Politically, he’s a conservative and ran for mayor of London, England, about a year ago, and sadly lost.

But we all remember how Obama announced, right here, in his press conference with Prime Minister Cameron in the spring of ’16 how he was visiting Cameron just to teach him how to rig the Brexit vote that summer (it hadn’t even crossed anybody’s mind until he brought it up!!), which obviously failed, but I’m sure they’ve retained that knowledge and improved on it since then.

More recently, Laurence Fox was suspended off Twitter for hilariously posting a meme laying out the LGBTQ+++ flag in its native swa st ika 😆 (shhhhh…).

ANYWAY, Laurence Fox is the guy starring as Hunter Biden in the new film coming out Sept 7, “My Son Hunter”.  In the trailer, besides a wonderful emotive performance, he does an EXCELLENT American accent 👍 👍 👍


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