Wow, My Secret was Better than Their Secret!

Here I was all full of myself because I thought I figured out the ‘secret’ to “Get Google Adwords Free“, when in fact, my method is actually better! In case you missed it, see my last post.

But from surfing around the web a bit, I’ve come to realize that “Get Google Adwords Free!” is a lot like the ole’ “Get Your Electricity Free!” — by buying enough stock in your electric company that the dividends cover your electric bill.

Well, in this case, you buy Google Adwords, or any Pay-Per-Click service you choose, and then put ads they generate on your own landing page, and pray to God enough people click on them to pay for the ads you placed. Guess the author doesn’t have much faith in the products he’s selling!

The one thing I can’t figure is how you pay for the Adwords that get clicked on from other people’s pages. Since Google always gets their cut, I can only imagine that this ebook is essentially describing an impossible perpetual motion machine.

Well, the price has just jumped from $10 to $97 anyway. I ain’t buyin’ it. That money would pay for 11 months of unlimited advertising at USFreeAds for me, the secret that is far better than the above book.


Heh, but now you now how to get yer electricity free 😉 You can get anything if you fork out enough dough.


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