Blogging Engineers Come to Blows over Water Powered Cars

A lot of verbal fisticuffs have been flying on sites like TreeHugger and Slashdot between science minded people who are lining up and polarizing over the whole concept of extracting energy from H2O. And I gotta tell ya, some of it’s getting pretty hostile.

In This Cornahh! Defenders of the 1st Law of Thermodynamics

On one side of the aisle we have those who have spent years getting mulitple college degrees in science and engineering citing the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, which is the Conservation of Matter and Energy, stating that Matter and Energy are never lost or gained, only converted from one form to another. Basically, that you cannot create either matter or energy out of thin air, nor can either disappear into nothingness. You can convert matter and energy back and forth, that is, you can get energy out of matter and matter out of energy, but in the grand scheme of things, the conversions back and forth must always sum up to a big fat goose egg. But the conversions back and forth are not 100% efficient, and you will lose some energy to the surroundings in the form of un-recapturable heat.

Hence “Global Warming” 😉

But as long as you account for the lost heat in the equations, the matter and energy conversions will always add up to Zero.

At the end of the day, energy and heat are released when Hydrogen is combined with Oxygen to form Water, not the other way around. Energy must be ADDED to the system to split the Hydrogen and Oxygen apart. Energy is consumed doing that, not released that way. So Water is the End Product, the ash of the reaction, not the fuel of it.

In the Other Cornahh! Defenders of the Fact People are Indeed Breaking that Law!

On the other side of the aisle, we have people jumping up and down saying Look! Look! Here are a handful of Gurus who have managed to break that law, the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, and are driving their cars around extracting energy from water, breaking the law! They have U.S. Patents! They get 100 miles per gallon of water! They have videos all over YouTube. And now they have little guys like you and me, building kits from online manuals and parts from Ace Hardware.

How does it really work?

These little kits use a coiled wire in the electrolysis process, rather than the usual metal plates, and in doing so, they set up a resonance that causes the water molecule to shatter with much less energy than previously believed possible, thus releasing the hydrogen for burning, or recombinatimg with water, releasing more energy again than was used to extract the hydrogen.

Oi! What a world!

Obviously there is something conventional science has not previously recognized, because people are breaking the Law (of Conservation of Mass & Energy) all over the world! This is Round Earth vs Flat Earth time. This is Galileo vs Religion time. This is Relativity vs Newtonian Physics time. It is time to rethink science.

Mainstream Publication of Success

And the nerve, the unmitigated gall of that little Japanese Company, Genepax (Japanese / translated sorta-English / Official English under development), actually publicizing their success worldwide at running their car on water, and even talking about mass production! When our Gurus have been persecuted, prosecuted, and even murdered, for years by Big Government and Big Oil, for breaking the law, the holy grail 1st Law of Thermodynamics. (Update Feb 2010 – Genepax for unknown reasons, appears to have gone the way of Stanley Meyer and Denny Klein, but their Reuter’s video lives on.)

Big Oil & Big Government

First, why does Big Oil care? Well of course, follow the money. Follow the power.

Second, why does Big Government care? Well, you’d think it’s the money and that they’re being bribed by Big Oil. But I think it’s more than that. It’s the power. And there is power in secrets. According to the Guru / conspiracy web sites, Gurus have been visited, investigated, had their lab equipment and notes confiscated, etc., etc., etc., and on and on it goes. Why? Because all this stuff can be used in military and civil crowd control applications! Resonances? They don’t just work on molecules. They work on micro-organisms. And they don’t just work on micro-organisms, they work on macro-organisms, like the human body. Just this week we had Rush Limbaugh laughing his head off for hours on air about a FoxNews story about “Crap Cannons”, frequency emitters that debilitate protesting crowds by causing people to defecate uncontrollably. Or rather, it was a story interviewing people who believe they’ve witnessed such a thing at past protests, and fear it will be used on them again when they protest at the Democratic National Convention.

Big Pharmaceuticals & Big Government

I’ve previously written about the frequency emitter of a man named Royal Rife, who was also hounded by Big Government, his lab and notes also looted. The conspiracy theorists like to lay it all at the feet of Big Pharmaceuticals being in bed with officials they’ve bribed in the Government, but I think not. I think the reason again, is the secrecy of the military applications that frequency generators and resonating your target can be put too. And using the intertwining of the Big Pharmaceuticals with the FDA is just a convenient cover. Just like reasons of Big Oil are just a cover. But it’s all really about the same technology.

This IS big secret time. And we’ve got most of the engineers, scientists, and doctors, to back up the position that it doesn’t exist because it “can’t” exist. All these smart people, who are just human beings after all, are so willing to put blinders on, because it doesn’t fit the conventional science of our day, whether it’s medical science or our current understanding of Physics. The favorite tool of ridicule is used against anybody who not only thinks they can create energy out of nothing, or cure a cancer by shining a light on it, but who actually does it.

This is the stuff Crucifixions are made of. Not just fisticuffs.

But too bad for keeping big secrets anymore. This is the age of the Internet, courtesy development by our very same Big Government. I love ironies. 🙂

Pandora’s Box has been unleashed!

Upheaval of Physics, Astronomy, & Cosmology

According to conventional Physics, the only time Matter & Energy were ever created was at the beginning of time, at the Big Bang. Ever since then, Matter & Energy have only been converting back and forth between each other, and inefficiently at that, so we have un-recapturable heat loss, but it’s not really lost. It’s still part of the Universe. So we have giant space-born telescopes photographing the Background Radiation, the bottom line non-zero temperature of the Universe, the Echo of the Big Bang.

And there was only one Big Bang, wasn’t there? We can’t have people all over this humble little planet, creating little Big Bangs, extracting energy where none was seen before, upheaving all of known science? Can we? The nature of the Big Bang wouldn’t actually be interwoven with the very nature and fabric of our every day Universe, would it? The Universe wouldn’t actually inherit the nature of the Big Bang, would it? The child doesn’t actually inherit the characteristics of his parent, does he?

Are we children of the Universe, or are we not? Are we children of GOD, or are we not?

God the Creator? You wanna try it? Drive your car extracting energy where there was none before? Tinker with curing your next cold or flu?

Pretty heady stuff, where even the New Agers agree with the words of Jesus Christ.

I gotta go have a cup of coffee.


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