How to Save the Michael Jackson Concert Tour

The disappointment is profound. On the very eve of Michael Jackson’s comeback tour he drops dead of an apparent Demerol overdose. I know the scenario. The very same thing happened to my father, except that he was in a hospital with the antidote Narcan nearby and an alert crash team right there, who resuscitated him and then kept close watch all night.

But Michael, the world was ready, the anticipation had reached fever pitch. One article I read said that all 50 comeback concerts had already been sold out. Of course! We all wanted to see what new material Michael had for the world. By the accounts of the LA Times, Michael was happy, healthy, energetic, enthusiastic, and totally in his element, on stage rehearsing with the dancers and musicians. They were set to board the planes just next week, to haul the show to London. He was living his passion, and I can’t think of a better way to live, or die.

But that leaves all the rest of us behind – the audience, the dancers, the musicians – with a profound sense of loss. The balloon burst too soon. To say nothing of Michael’s investors and creditors. I hear the investors alone had $20 million sunk into this show, which they stand to just walk away from. There is speculation Michael was $400 million in debt, that these concerts were to pay off, and propel him into the future. Thank God there is a rumor Michael had prepared 100 songs as an inheritance for his children.

But wait, before we tap the 100 songs, what about all the material, all the new songs, all the new dances, with dancers at their peak, to say nothing of Michael’s old classics ginned up for a new generation of new fans?

With the world of Michael Jackson fans now dancing Michael’s Moon Walk and Thriller in tribute, why walk away from the $20 million investment, and all these fans who were more than ready for his comeback?

Suppose, just suppose, we rename the Michael Jackson Comeback Tour to the Michael Jackson Tribute Tour, and ask LaToya and/or Janet to step in? Offer the money back to fans who want it back, because it’s not Michael himself, but I sure as heck would rather attend than not, and share Michael’s last moments with the world who will miss him so much. Even extend it further. Bring the tour to the U.S., film it for the theaters, and record it to DVD.

We all get to see Michael’s new material, Janet and/or LaToya get propelled into the future, and Michael’s children will be set for life.

Those are my thoughts on the matter.

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