Why is popular “Collective-Evolution” blog pushing brutal Buddhism?

What is Collective-Evolution’s agenda in pushing this brutal Buddhist world view?  Their article boils down to ‘Be Oblivious. Let Predators in. Then Blame the Victim.’

No.  Life is bigger than that.

1) Worry is motivation to solve a problem.  If you don’t care enough to solve it, it won’t get solved, and will be left to fester.

2) Only change that benefits you should be accepted.  Otherwise, you will attract abusers with agendas of their own to impose on you.

3) Yes, to be happy, you must use your own eyes to see reality as it is — not as somebody with their own baggage and agendas tells you it is.  They use statements like the above “someone has to tell you the truth if you aren’t getting it, so allow me.

4) All short term thinking, not just about “feelings”, certainly leads to mistakes.   Thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to results.  Plan your results.   But keep your guard up and your eyes open.  Never forget the agendas of malevolent people who look to stop you or take your good results from you, because they want different results for you.  Forewarned is forearmed.

5) Meditation is good.  Use it to know yourself.  Use it to analyze people around you and their motivations.  Prayer — communication with the Power higher than yourself — is even better.

Buddhism is a study in how to become “detached” – aka numb and/or calloused.  It assumes you live in isolation, and that isolation should be the goal.  For you.  For everybody.

Christianity is a recognition of the need for community, while acknowledging the dangers that carries.   Trump is not a Buddhist.  He built a life of his choosing, while recognizing the snakes in the swamp of life that need to be fended off.  Every life has snakes to fend off.  Sure, as Buddhism teaches, you can defeat yourself, but so can others defeat you if you fail to recognize what they’re doing, or what they’re trying to trick you into doing.

We don’t play “Blame the Victim” here.




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