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Don’t Buy Pharmaceutical Stocks!

At least not for the long term, because they are doomed to all collapse within 10-20 years. Why? Because pharmaceuticals will be, are being, rendered obsolete. The wonder of the internet is that you can catch a whiff of an affective alternative treatment for some major horror disease on mankind,…

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Apples Conquer Lactose Intolerance

Well, if you’re like me, a lactose intolerant person living in a lactose-heavy cuisine serving society, the odds are good you have a handy bottle of supplemental lactase (Lactaid®) rattling around in your purse or glove compartment, just in case you find yourself away from home when somebody serves you cheese or ice cream. But I no longer carry that rattly little bottle. Now I just reach into the nearest fridge for what I need.

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When MSIE Won’t Show You Colors

But when I make a web page, dang it, I want to test-view it in all browsers to make sure it displays nicely for any visitor I’ve got. But one can’t do that if a major browser out there won’t show any font or background colors. All MSIE would show me was black text with blue links on a white background. And no online search would solve it for me…you will not find any other suggested fix anywhere online, not at Microsoft, not anywhere, until now.

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