@CBSMiami & writer Jim @DeFede become accessories after the fact in murder attempt on @RogerJStoneJr

In an article today full of open lies and innuendo, CBS Miami and writer Jim DeFede attempt to cast doubt that a major crime, attempted murder, even occurred, and have published known falsehoods as to the possible motive for that same (we are to believe ‘non-existent’) crime.

Trump Advisor Claims Hit & Run “Could Be” Russian Hacking Scandal Retaliation
March 15, 2017 4:00 PM By Jim DeFede

(Article you are reading still stands, but then see note below.)

Number one, former Trump adviser, Roger Stone, who today survived a second murder attempt on his life shortly before he’s scheduled to testify before congress , made no such claim.  According to CBS Miami:

Asked if he thought the accident was tied to the Russian hacking scandal, Stone said: “It certainly could be.”

Meaning CBS Miami asked specifically those words, and since Mr. Stone didn’t know, and couldn’t know, who had actually tried to kill him again, he admitted it could be anybody.  This is not the same as “making a claim”.

CBS Miami, This is why people turn to the alt-media. You (and the MSM in general) cannot continue to lie to the public and assume you won’t be caught. You will be caught. You cannot make flat statements that Paul Manafort had any dealings with “the Russians”, when the public already knows that Paul Manafort’s business dealings were with the Ukraine, and not with Russia at all. CBS Miami cannot say to itself, “Well, now that Russia has annexed part of the Ukraine (Crimea), we can just conflate Ukraine & Russia and the public will never be the wiser.” Yes, we the public ARE the wiser. Paul Manafort’s dealings with Ukraine ended in 2012, and Russia didn’t annex part of Ukraine until 2014. So CBS Miami’s lie is a LIE.

Nor do you get off nefariously casting doubt on Roger Stone’s report of a 2nd attempt on his life. You couldn’t be bothered waiting for the police report. In fact, you made sure you rushed to publish before acquiring the police report, so you could cast aspersions with impunity. This is because CBS Miami knows that many many people, including outspoken people in the MSM itself, have called for Trump’s own assassination. So there can be no doubt many many people would want Trump’s friends dead, too. But you wanted to pretend as if they (and you?) didn’t want them dead. FAIL.

What do you take your readers for?

You have been caught in attempting to obfuscate the facts of an attempted murder, which makes you, CBS Miami and writer Jim DeFede, accessories after the fact.

The “failing CBS Miami” is contributing to its own demise, and we just watch and say, “HAHAHAHAHA……..”




Update: 3/16/2017

In an amazing stunner, CBS Miami and writer Jim DeFede have drastically rewritten the article I linked to above, just a few short hours after I called them out on their smarmy deceitful writing. After claiming in the original 4:00pm version of their article that there was “no statement from the BSO” much less a “report”, (the viewer was left to guess what “BSO” stood for – and not being a Floridian, I had to guess they meant some sheriffs’ office in some county starting with a “B”), the vacuum made by said lack of an immediate statement CBS Miami and Mr. DeFede rushed to fill to use to their advantage, to smear Mr. Stone with innuendo, strongly suggesting that he had made up the entire incident.

In fact, it was very clear that CBS Miami and Mr. DeFede were working so hard to smear Mr. Stone, that they used the trick of intentionally publishing in such a hurry so as to ‘plausibly’ leave out facts they knew would soon come out. It was all in order to ‘put the innuendoes out there’, so that at least some of the public would read the early innuendoes, and then never return to read the full updates and get the full story, where once facts were provided, innuendoes would no longer fit. This was an amazing effort indeed, to jam as many innuendoes as they could out into the national consciousness.

However, CBS Miami/Mr. DeFede made one big mistake, and that was rather than get it right and complete, they didn’t even publish those details they did have, at the original time of publication, such as the definition of “BSO”, and the full quote from Roger Stone, which still was merely a response to their own prompting question. Mr. Stone’s 2nd paragraph they only felt compelled to publish later, after I pointed out to them they were only publishing their own words in questioning Mr. Stone, in order to justify their outrageously smarmy headline. Without prompting from the reporter on the ground, Mr. Stone likely never would have made any “claims” as to motive at all. He was still in shock over the 2nd attempt on his life.

So, a more journalistically correct headline would have been “Trump Adviser Survives T-Bone Hit & Run” or even “Trump Advisor Suspects Murder Attempt in T-Bone Hit & Run“.

But by CBS Miami a) rushing to publish innuendo over facts on a car wreck in a town in another county 90 minutes away from Miami, b) sticking to their guns using the word “claims” in the headline, and c) using the incident to push the long discredited “Russian Hacking” narrative (see Wikileaks), we see what the true agenda of CBS Miami and Mr. Jim DeFede really are.

LIES. FAKE NEWS. And acting as accessories after the fact in an Attempted Murder.

What filth you people are.

The big takeaway I have from this incident is that I have now discovered a wonderful service for future use, that takes an instant linkable & time stamped snapshot archive of any smarmy article like yours I find in the future, to preserve forever for all to see, the lies, Fake News, and Innuendo being made by shady people who would have us call them respectable “journalists”. Ptooey. They are not. CBS Miami and Jim DeFede, that means you, and I will catch you the next time you try it. Then I will retain and offer the evidence to your victims to use against you in court. You filthy accessories to Attempted Murder. There’s a hot place in hell for you.



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