Concerning eligibility – I believe @realDonaldTrump is looking at @TedCruz for VP

Dear Mr. Cruz,

I have been following the Obama birther issue for a long long time, and obviously so has Mr. Trump.   I am a graphic artist, and it is true that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake.  We truly don’t know where he was born, but it is apparent that neither the media nor Obama’s fans care.  But many of us still do.

But even presuming Obama inherited his mother’s American citizenship, there is the issue of Obama’s duel citizenship, his having also been born a British subject under his father, an eligibility issue that has ~never~ been adjudicated, yet it legally throws into question a person’s “dual allegiances”.   I am glad you have resolved the dual allegiance question for yourself by renouncing your foreign citizenship.    Obama never has.   Yet he occupies the office.  (Illegally?)

Yet further is the issue that Obama’s mother renounced Obama’s American citizenship during his childhood, evidenced by his enrollment in the Indonesian-citizens-only school in Jakarta, and whether a parent even has the right to renounce a child’s American citizenship.   To this day, I believe Obama is an Indonesian citizen, and a usurper to the office of the president.

But all these issues are legally fuzzy and need to be resolved for all future, lest we ever repeat the chaos we’ve had for the last 8 years.

I believe by reading Trump’s behavior, that if Trump is elected, he intends to adjudicate or otherwise resolve all these foggy legal issues and definitions for all time, as part of his legacy to America and his grandchildren, so that someone like Obama can never slip through the legal gaps and usurp the office again.

I also believe by reading Trump’s behavior, that should he win the nomination, which is still a real possibility (the eligibility issue is still part of Americans’ anger), that he is considering asking you to run as his VP.  You are obviously a man after his own heart, carrying the same positions on many issues that he does.

You and Trump are my two favorite candidates, and I would love love love to see 8 years of a Trump presidency followed by 8 years of a Cruz presidency, only because in 8 years you would be young enough to run again, and Trump might not be.    (Obviously, John McCain doesn’t think so.  Go Kelli Ward!)

To close, Mr. Cruz, I believe Mr. Trump is inviting you to take control of at least your own “eligibility issue” and resolve it with a court decree now, while it is still within your power to do so, so that A) you can run as Trump’s VP (if you so choose), and B) because if you do not take control of it now while you can, and Trump wins without you, he will resolve it himself, which might or might not fall in your favor for a future presidential run.

Sincerely for a Trump/Cruz ticket or a Cruz/Trump ticket,

Suzanne L.

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