Excuse me? Where the hell were you, Bishops?

Catholic Bishops Call for Faithful to Protest Obama Mandate

Oh they do, do they?

Here’s a word for the bishops.

WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU when my parents were begging for clergy help to promote pro-life from the pulpits 40 years ago? Instead you were busy closing maternity wards in small Catholic hospitals, and no one ever knew why!

WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU when pro-life Catholics were holding Life Chains in the streets 20 years ago, begging our protestant friends to join us as they had the year before?  They knew what you knew – Billy Graham was in town, and he’s decidedly not pro-life.   So instead of heeding your own flock to join us, you didn’t want to “embarrass” him,  and so canceled the whole event, so even Catholics couldn’t participate in it!

WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU when Catholic Bart Stupak was wavering as the last holdout vote on Obamacare, and could have used a kind word from his priest or bishop for the strength to withstand what the rest of the Cathoilc laity knew Obamacare stood for, wild expansion of abortion, (and so did you)?   Instead you thought you were currying favor with the Stalinist-wanna-be Obama administration!

WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU when Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi have required excommunication for DECADES NOW.  Retroactively would be fine with me.

I’m so angry, I wanna spit.

You bishops are eating what you sewed. And you want OUR help now?

Sorry, Bishops. We laity are leading this. NOT YOU. Just have the cajonas to tell Obama No. You don’t need us in the streets begging that sociopath to “pleeeeease let us not pay for abortions”, while he laughs at us. You’re the bishops! You just tell him hell no, you won’t pay for abortions for your employees, and dare him to put you (bishops) in jail. Find out what the front lines of this issue have always meant.

Yours in Christ,

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