@MarketWatch Denigrates Retirees. Wants them dead.

What a filthy judgemental materialistic new concept MarketWatch introduces in this article. Now people “fail” at retirement, do they? Nay, worse. They are “failed retirees”. It’s the new “identity”, so wear that scarlet “R”, people. Bad enough you’ve been laid off. Now you’re deemed worthless, useless, obsolete. The corporate elites are done with you, and believing that you believed they were your gods, of course MarketWatch assumes it’s only natural you are “miserable” and a “failure”. Just kill yourself now.

That’s MarketWatch’s core message here. Plant that seed that retirees are “failures”. The rest of the article is just a fluff piece on sole proprietorship startup ideas that apply to anyone, young, old, laid off, retired, or not. Would the example woman who was laid off, not retired, have been a “failure” if she chose to travel with her remaining half of her life? Or chose to volunteer at a Christian charity? Or chose to sit and knit? I think NOT.

And “Give back” is such a pernicious vicious term. She can Give if she decides to, but smearing her with “Give back” robs her of the dignity of own generosity. As if she somehow owed anybody, after all her years of service to her family and job. But it’s just the corporate elites deigning to give her permission to keep breathing after they’ve done with her. As if it were up to them.  ‘That’s why you better quick do your bucket list.’  What delusion.





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