Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly – re: collapse of the American family

Dear Mr. O'Reilly,    

You will only end the teenage promiscuity culture by getting the people selling promiscuity for their own agendas (and cynically calling it "sex ed") out of the classrooms.   Planned Parenthood sells classes in promiscuity in order to drive their own abortion profits.   Leftists groups sell promiscuity as "sex ed" in order to drive their agenda of dependency on government.

Barack Obama might smile pretty at you, but never forget his record in the IL legislature showing his staunch support for partial birth abortion, the pretty euphemism for live baby dismemberment.  As a committed Leftist, Obama is the kingpin of selling government dependency.   He will never turn from promoting abortion and forcing Catholics to pay for it.

The collapse of the American family has been planned by people with agendas for over 50 years.  Witnessing the march of this agenda, the pro-life movement has worked for decades to take the stigma out of not aborting.  The more you yell about it being cruel to bring disadvantaged children into the world, the more those in the abortion industry will lick their chops, rub their hands together, and listen for that jingle in their pockets.

Please don't be naive.  Please recognize the pure coordinated evil we are up against.



small town in Arizona


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