@RushLimbaugh, @realDonaldTrump to put Eligibility Issue to Bed


How can you waste any more of your audience’s time discussing Obama’s (provable) ineligibility without discussing Cruz’ (provable) ineligibility? I’m beginning to conclude you’ve lost your grip on honesty.

Whether it means anything to you, American citizenship means something to us the voters, and it means something to Donald J. Trump, more than it ever meant to Leftist Globalist Hillary Clinton. As both of Cruz’ parents were provably Canadian citizens at the time of Cruz’ birth, Cruz’ lack of any American citizenship at all, much less American Natural Born citizenship, was a BIG factor in defeating Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

The word is “Fraud”, when you run for president without being constitutionally eligible. And apparently lots of people, including yourself, are OK with that.

Well, the rest of us are not OK with it, and are never going to put up with it again.

Trump is in this thing first and foremost to clean up the corruption & fraud. I guarantee you, Trump will not finish his first term without leading legislation to carve the Presidential Eligibility Certification process in STONE, because this has been a major loophole that the Leftist Globalists have been leveraging to wage war against the U.S. Constitution, for the purpose of vanquishing it once and for all under the Socialist New World Order, that has already swallowed all the countries of the E.U.

So I’m sad. After all these years, I have to leave you, because you are making me sick. Conservatism means nothing if it doesn’t mean honoring and conserving our own American Constitution. I am informing my elderly mother I will leave the room any time she turns your show on, just as she understands I leave the room anytime she turns dishonest FoxNews on.

I’ve turned to sources that actually care about and read the legal briefs.







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