Why Judge Jeanine’s Call for Return to Wild West?

While Judge Jeanine is always good at identifying a problem, only once in her career that I’ve ever seen has she ever called for a solution. Just once, many months ago, she called for Obama’s impeachment, but as FoxNews for years imposes the obvious policy on all of their pundits of never ever calling for a solution, (such as impeachment or prosecution of criminal behavior), because actually solving problems would leave their pundits with nothing left to talk about, I predicted somebody would stick a sock in her mouth, and that’s exactly what’s happened. She has never again called for a solution to anything, much less impeachment or prosecution, and I can’t say today’s “get yourself a gun” counts as any sort of solution.

The Orlando shooter should never have gotten within 50 miles of the Pulse nightclub, because our intelligence agencies should have stopped him long before that. While I agree that all those of sound mind and body ought to be able to carry guns to save their own lives and those of others, we should not be forced to as our ONLY solution. Judge Jeanine would have us return to the wild west (or so she says), rather than solve the problem of somebody at the top intentionally hog tying our intelligence and law enforcement agencies.  No, Judge Jeanine consistently offers nothing but “anger porn”.  Nothing of solutions.

Pretty disgusting.

I watch very little FoxNews anymore, and I especially avoid Judge Jeanine, precisely because I will no longer subject myself to the time waste or frustration of somebody identifying a problem for the explicit purpose of making sure we avoid identifying a solution.

That’s a sick sick game I won’t play anymore, and FoxNews and ALL of their pundits can go out of business and starve. That’s MY solution.

I don’t just want truth. I want justice.



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