No, @RealDonaldTrump !! Arizona is sending @SenJohnMcCain to HELL

Open Letter to (from whom I just received a fundraising letter):

Tell Donald Trump he has just ENRAGED the entire state of Arizona!!! Absolutely unbelievable for him to support John McCain for re-election!!   McCain is a PIG, who called his own constituents “Crazies” just for coming to hear a Trump speech!  Ever since McCain did that, and Trump defended us Arizonans from McCain’s ABUSE, I’ve been defending Trump’s refutation of McCain’s “hero” status ALL DAMN YEAR, as well as going to THREE Trump rallies, standing for HOURS, in the SEARING HEAT, and risking the rock-throwing by La Raza Mexican Cartel Racists screaming their non-sequitur “Black Lives Matter”!

And now this stab in the back from Donald Trump???

He should have kept his mouth SHUT on this one, AND on Paul Ryan, too, as my friends, Trump’s friends, in Wisconsin are disgusted now too!!!

As Donald Trump says, he’s the messenger. We voters are the message!!

And we are sending Saudi-Employee John McCain and Paul TPP Ryan on extended vacations. We’d send them to JAIL and then to HELL if we could!!!


A McCain Constituent who’s done being spit on by crazy old nasty NASTY coot John McCain,





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